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 GC bingo question ang answers (as requested)

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PostSubject: GC bingo question ang answers (as requested)   Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:21 am

just use "ctrl+f" to search for the question.. and use mini screen mode for GC i think its "alt+enter"

[1] What do you need when upgrading runes? – Aging Core
[2] National Food of the Philippines – Lechon
[3] What is the Special Attack of Red Gorgos – Fire Breath
[4] Amy’s First Job – Dancer
[5] Who is the boss in Bermesiah’s Last Stand – Dark Armon
[6] How many lire jobs are there at the moment – 4
[7] What volcano erupted previously – Mayon Volcano
[8] What is the first gacha pet – kerby
[9] What is the scientific name of Sampaguita – Jasminum Sambac
[10] What is the National Gem of the Philippines – South Sea Pearl
[11] What event happened in Nov 2009 – LU Live @ World Trade Center
[12] GM that is not a member of the Grand Chase GM Team – GM Tristan
[13] What is Lire’s 3rd job – Archranger
[14] What is the largest known Lake (lawa) in the Philippines – Laguna Lake (Lawa ng Laguna)
[15] What is the maximum level of pets – Lv. 40
[16] What is the Bangus Capital of the Philippines – Dagupan
[17] What is the thing that Partusay sits on – Throne
[18] What character in GCPH got released recently – Amy
[19] Who is the father of the fist in PH – Manny “pacman” Pacquiao
[20] What is the national dance of the Philippines – Tinikling
[21] What is the national tree of the Philippines – Narra
[22] What is the name of the upgrading magician – Elena
[23] What is the smallest active volcano in PH -Taal
[24] What is not an Elemental Necklace – Nature
[25] Basic weapon for Elven Druid Ryan -Axe
[26] Which monster does not appear in Kerri Beach – Orc Warrior
[27] Level requirement for 4th job mission – 30
[28] Which first cash item was given to CBT/OBT players – Nickname Change
[29] What rune has a level requirement of 15 – Brave rune
[30] Who was the evil demon the Grand Chase was assigned to defeat – Great Kaze’Aze
[31] What is the national fruit of the Philippines – MANGGA
[32] What item cannot be bought with GP – Shadow Necklace
[33] What is the maximum capacity of a dungeon room – 4
[34] What is the maximum upgrade for a necklace – +9
[35] What is the name of the Volcano in Pampanga – Pinatubo
[36] What is the maximum item slot – 700 slots
[37] Where will you find Pagsanjan Falls? Answer: Laguna.
[38] Players who are early at LU! Live 09 won at LU LIVE 2009 – Early Bird Signboard
[39] What is the lowest level of Dungeon in Grand Chase – Trial Forest
[40] Who is Grand Chase’s Developer – KOG
[41] What is the Level 3 Black Magic Special Attack of Arme’s 1st Job – Meteor
[42] GM ___ Helps Gm Mac and Cassiel in Grand Chase – Gm Maelstrom
[43] What is the name of the boss in Marsh of Oblivion – Elizabeth
[44] How many times can the Natal Ring be used – 3 Times
[45] Who is known as Cripped Hero – Apolinario Mabini
[46] What is not a monster of Trial Forest – Harpy
[47] What accesory can be used to provide Oxygen in Partusay Sea – Oxygen Mask
[48] What monster does not appear on the Kastulle Upper Floor Map – Wendy
[49] What is the item used for upgrading elemental necklaces – Gem/s
[50] What is the name of arme’s second job, which uses chemical concoctions – Alchemist
[51] What is the color of Elesis’ hair – Red
[52] Who is the boss in the Forsaken Barrows that appears at the Hell Bridge as sub-boss – Lich
[53] What item that is given as weekly reward – Circlet of the Spirit
[54] What ring give you the ability MP counter when used with it’s corresponding armor – Castle Lord Ring
[55] GM ___ helps in leading GrandChase pH – GM Cassiel
[56] What even occurred during December 2009 – GWC badge collecting
[57] How many members of Grand Chase PH currently – 7
[58] Which is not displayed in the collection window – Cash Items
[59] Who is the six-time PH bowling champion – Paeng Nepomuceno
[60] How many islands are there in the Philippines – 7107 islands
[61] Which character is not in the original selection – Amy
[62] The 2009 GWC was held at – Daegu, Korea
[63] Which is not an atk of gardosen – Ice breath
[64] GM Vodoo’s Favorite Job – Viken
[65] Who owns the company “Philippine Airlines” – Lucio Tan
[66] What is the Philippine National Green Leaf? (not sure sa structure) – Anahaw
[67] Where can you find the animal butanding – Sorsogon
[68] Which accessory is NOT implemented in Grand Chase? – Gun.
[69] How many slots are there?(not include pet) -7
[70] Who was the Kanavan Knight who first appeared in the Gorge of Oath – Ronan
[71] What is the national bird of the Philippines – Philippine Eagle
[72] Name of boss in ELIA contenent dungeon voilet mage – Elena
[73] Who won GC digmaan national tourney – sayaw darling
[74] What is the national female dress of PH – baro’t saya
[75] Which is not partusay’s skill – Fire breath
[76] Item which is not a pet – jhing shi
[77] What accessory that gaikoz wears at his back – flag (Gaikoz Flag)
[78] Which national hero was born on nov 30 – Andres Bonifacio
[79] What is the name of the weapon of Partusay – Trident
[80] How many tails does Red Gorgos have – 1
[81] What level must you be in in order to take the 3rd Job mission – 20
[82] Where can you find the smallest monkey/animal – Bohol
[83] Who is the boss of Kerrie Beach – Harpy Queen
[84] Who is the Philippines Brain of Revolution (katipunan) – Apolinario Mabini
[85] Where the Dinagyang Festival Happen – Iloilo
[86] What Event was voted as the best event in GCPH as of November 2009 – Rainbow Event
[87] Which necklace has the lowest attack power – Wind Necklace
[88] Who is the 1st president of the Philippines – Emilio Aguinaldo
[89] What is Arme’s Age – 15 yrs. old
[90] GM Heimdall prefers to play – Ronan
[91] How many horns does the boss Wendy of Trial Tower have – 2
[92] What item is equipped to give a character a big head – SD Head
[93] When did the Closed Beta Testing of Grand Chase start – October 14, 2008
[94] Which Map cant be seen in pvp – Partusay Sea
[95] what is the weapon used by elesis 3rd job’ the sword master – Giant Sword
[96] Which president was considered a dictator and was expelled from the country – Ferdinand Marcos
[97] What is the color xenia idol’s hair – Pink
[98] Elesis’ first skill first job – mega slash
[99] What is the habbit of voilet magician of SERADIN – learning more about magics
[100] Who Wrote Noli Me Tangere – Jose Rizal
[101] Who is the general of Hell’s Bridge – Gardosen
[102] How many phases are there in boss fight in Kaze Aaze Castle – 2 phases
[103] What item can increase XP of pet – Nutrients IV
[104] Highest mountain in Luzon – Mt. Pulog
[105] What is the minimum level requirement of pet – 7
[106]Where you can find the fruit known as Durian – Davao
[106] What city is known as the City of Smiles – Bacolod
[107] What is the dungeon wherein the possessed Lass first appears – Ellia Continent
[108] What is the current maximum Level you can reach in Grand Chase – 65
[109] Which monster does NOT appear in the Forgotten City – Fire Golem
[110] On what day is GCPH’s weekly maintenance – Tuesdays
[110] Who among the 4 was a GM for GC PH – Blackheaven
[112] Which equipment slot is unable to use runes – Cloak
[113] What item does the raccoon drops in Trial Forest – Leaf
[114] What activity can be done in park – Read rankings
[115] What is the title of the philippine national anthem – Lupang Hinirang
[116] In which dungeon does Ryan first make an appearance – Elven Forest
[117] What is the armor given to the 3 weekly ranked players – Genesis Armor
[118] Which item can’t be reinforced – Title
[119] What does Ryan transform to – Wolf
[120] GM Heimdall’s Favorite Job – Dragon Knight
[121] The Philippine presidential term of service is _____ years. – 6 Years
[122] What is the effect of the item with the eye icon in pvp item mode – Transparency
[123] Which is not one of GC’s Servers – Kerby
[124] Where was the 1st GC EB held – Ortigas, Mandaluyong
[125] Where is Panagbenga Festival celebrated – Baguio
[126] What skill does basilisk use – Bite
[127] What item heals you when in Fatal status – Kaze’aze healing ball.
[128] Which monthly rank 3 armor set is given to players – Hellfire
[129] Where is Sinulog Festival held – Cebu
[130] Among the list which 4th job came first – Savior
[131] What is the largest mall in the world – SM North Edsa
[132] What is the Philippine National Animal – Kalabaw
[133] GM Mac prefers to play – Elesis
[134] GM Maelstrom’s favorite character – Ryan
[135] What monster does not exist in Elven Forest – Anmon Guard
[136] What is the atk of native leader – Petrify
[137] Which dungeon (in GCPH) currently has the highest level – Ignis mountains
[138] What Events saw an Update to the Park – Halloween/Christmas.
[139] Favorite JOB of GM Maelstrom – Viken
[140] What is the object that Treant, the boss of Trail Forest throw – Apple
[141] How many eyes does the Cyclops have – 1
[142] How old is GC as of now – 1 Year
[143] Who among the four is a GM for GC PH – GM BlackHeaven
[144] What weapon does Elizabeth, boss of Marsh of Oblivion use – Club
[145] What non-basic character did GCPH release first – Ronan
[146] Favorite Job of GM BlackHeaven – Alchemist
[147] How many openings are there in the temple of fire map – 12
[148] What is the group of elesis knights ~ Red Knights


Broken Questions
Questions wherein answers are not definite at the moment
[] Favorite Job of GM BlackHeaven – Alchemist
[] Who ranked first place in GWC Badge collecting – Philippines
[] Which of these items does not bought in Attendance points – Natal Ring
[] Which of the following items does not bought in crystals – peryton wings (accessories)
[] Where can you find the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio
[] What is GMT time of the Philippines – GMT+9
[] Where is amy first seen – Temple of Origins
[] Who is the real boss in Mana Valley – Astaroth
[] What is the monthly reward – Flare Weapons
[] What rare weapons can be found at Bultaros – Purified Mana Weapon
[] What rare items can be found at Zig – Blazing Weapons
[] What is the first ever GACHA set with effects – Leviathan set
[] What is the requirement for Kaze’Aze set – Kaze’Aze map
[] GM Mac favorite Location – Park
[] What can you use Gems for – Feeding Pets
[] Job that summon a Dragon in skill level3 – Dragonknight
[] Female GM in GC PH team – Cassiel
[]GM Maelstorm’s favorite place in GC – PVP
[]What is the effect of queen’s jewel – EXP/GP rate increased
[] GM ___ helps GM Mac and Cass in taking care of GC – Heimdal
[] What is the capital city of the Philippines – Manila
[] When do we celebrate independence day – June 12
[] Among the four. which JOB class came first? – Dark Assassin
[] Who is the brand manager of Grand Chase – GM Mac
[] What city was named after our national hero – Pasay
[] When did the Closed Beta Testing of Grand Chase start -

Reference ( made by Solera of GCboards )

When did the Closed Beta Testing of Grand Chase end?
-Monday, October 27, 2008 at 1:00 PM

When did the Open Beta Testing start?
-Nov 4

When was the Grand Chase Official Website Up?
-Oct 31, 2008

When did the Commercial Service start?
- November 18, 2008. 2:00 pm

What was the very first level cap?
- 30

When was the Pet System implemented?
- Dec 17, 2008

When was the first gacha?
- Feb 17

When was the Champion mode released?
- Sept 15

When was the Grand Chase World Championships?
-December 29

When was Ronan released?
- Nov 18

When was Lass released?
- Mar 24

When was Ryan released?
- Jun 30 2009

When was Amy released?
- Nov 3

When was Spearmaiden released?
- Nov 25

When was Crossbowmaiden released?
- Dec 9

When was Alchemist released?
- Jan 6, 2009

When was the Dragon Knight released?
- Feb 10

When was Assassin released?
- May 26

When was Sentinel released?
- Aug 18

When was Sword Master released?
- Apr. 14

When was Arch Ranger released?
- Apr 28

When was Warlock released?
- May 12 2009

When was Aegis Knight released?
- June 9

When was Dark Assassin released?
- July 21

When was Viken released?
- Sep 8


idk if it's all correct. -.-


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PostSubject: Re: GC bingo question ang answers (as requested)   Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:37 pm

very helpful. nice one!


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PostSubject: Re: GC bingo question ang answers (as requested)   Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:42 am

wow how did you know all of this... Just asking

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PostSubject: a   Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:34 am

i guess we need to close this......because it is a OLD event in GCPH.. i guess
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PostSubject: Re: GC bingo question ang answers (as requested)   

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GC bingo question ang answers (as requested)

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